2.5.73/4 - Problems loading modules

From: Peter Hoeg (peter@hoeg.com)
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 18:07:54 EST

Machine: IBM Thinkpad X30
Kernel: 2.5.73 and .74
Distribution: Debian - sarge
module-init-tools: 0.9.13-pre-1
attached: .config

The problem is that a number of different modules hang when trying to load:
parport_pc, snd-intel8x0, ehci-usb (hardware is not even present!!),
uhci-usb, etc etc. A 'ps aux' will show that the modprobe process is 'D'. It
cannot be killed with kill -9 and the module can not be unloaded (in use).

Now, the really weird part is, that if I boot Debian using VMWare 4.0 under
XP, there are no problems at all!! And this is the same kernel, same
distribution - same everything (vmware can work directly off a partition, so
it is really the exact same installation it is using).

Am aware that this may necessarily not be 100% kernel related (since it
works under vmware) and could be some kind of hardware problem, but would
appreciate if anybody could provide some info on this.

I do not subscribe to linux-kernel, so please CC me in.

Thanks in advance,

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