Re: Probably 2.4 kernel or AIC7xxx module trouble

From: Justin T. Gibbs (
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 15:27:43 EST

> Hi again,
> I passed the parameer: nmi_watchdog=1 to the kernel at the boot.
> And after about 2 hours it frozen again, but in the console I found a lot of
> messages like this:
> smb_proc_readdir_log: name=\....(some directory)....\*, result=-2, rcls=1,
> err=2

Looks like your samba server is upset about some requests its getting.
These probably have nothing to do with your hang.

Did you verify that the NMI watchdog was functioning properly on your
system as outline by the NMI watchdog FAQ in the kernel source Documenation


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