Re: 2.5.71, fbconsole: No boot logo?

From: Harald Dunkel (harri@synopsys.COM)
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 10:14:44 EST

Hi folks,

James Simmons wrote:
>>It is probably some uninitialized value or something like that.
>>At work I have no logo, while at home I have logo (both 2.5.71 from
>>yesterday), both with matroxfb... Only significant difference I know
>>is that at home I have UP kernel, while at work I have SMP. But it should
>>not matter, yes?
> Its a bug in cfbimgblt.c. In cfb_imageblit you have a test
> } else if (image->depth == bpp)
> Its should be
> } else if (image->depth <= bpp)
> instead. At present the logo will only show up when the framebuffer depth
> matches the image's depth. cfb_imageblit supports displaying images of
> equal or lesser depths than the framebuffer.

Would it be possible to include this change in the official
source tree?



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