[ANN] 2.4.x snapshots started

From: Jeff Garzik (jgarzik@pobox.com)
Date: Sat Jul 05 2003 - 08:30:21 EST

Just like 2.5.x, nightly snapshots of Marcelo's latest 2.4.x BK
repository are being posted on kernel.org:


I created the first snapshot midday as a test, and the standard cron job
created a second one, so the current release is 2.4.21-bk2.

Note that snapshots are NOT based off -pre and -rc releases. 2.4.21-bkN
will continue, for ascending values of N, until 2.4.22 is released.

Just like 2.5.x, when a new version is released, the old snapshots are
moved into

Just like 2.5.x, when a new snapshot appears, another automated job
generates the incremental diff between this and the last snapshot:


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