Re: Overhead of highpte (or not :)

From: Dave Hansen (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 22:53:00 EST

After fixing my gcc stupidity
             Elapsed: User: System: CPU:
high pte: 49.962s 578.888s 99.048s 1356.2%
  lowpte: 49.630s 576.242s 90.158s 1342.0%
    ukva: 50.122s 577.164s 88.958s 1328.4%

The increase in elapsed is probably within tolerances. The system time
isn't :) The decrease in system time compared to lowpte comes because
the PTE pages are allocated in highmem, and are node-local.

Differential profiles are up in a bit.

Dave Hansen

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