re: Spelling fixes

From: Francois Gouget (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 20:56:54 EST

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Dan Kegel wrote:

> Patch looks pretty good, if big. I haven't checked more than 10% of it, though.
> You might want to split it up some as you intended.

I have split it along directory lines. I also updated it for 2.5.74 and
included fixes for a couple more typos that people pointed me to. The
latest patches can be found at:

The files are smaller but maybe they need to be split some more:
    324 linux-2.5.74-Documentation.diff
    102 linux-2.5.74-arch-cris.diff
    581 linux-2.5.74-arch.diff
    173 linux-2.5.74-drivers-char.diff
    275 linux-2.5.74-drivers-isdn.diff
    177 linux-2.5.74-drivers-mtd.diff
    774 linux-2.5.74-drivers-net.diff
    643 linux-2.5.74-drivers-scsi.diff
    129 linux-2.5.74-drivers-usb.diff
    706 linux-2.5.74-drivers.diff
    215 linux-2.5.74-fs.diff
    769 linux-2.5.74-include.diff
    223 linux-2.5.74-net.diff
     21 linux-2.5.74-scripts.diff
    156 linux-2.5.74-sound.diff

> I'll link to your script from

Cool. I uploaded it to my site. It can be downloaded from:

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