[announce] dkms - enhancements for 2.5 + UnitedLinux initrd suppo rt

From: Gary_Lerhaupt@Dell.com
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 11:16:26 EST

Following the handy pointers at
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-ia64&m=105676403229397&w=2, dkms now
uses 2.5's makefile goodies. Specifically, if it detects a kernel > 2.4, it
ignores any MAKE commands in the dkms.conf for your module and instead uses
`make -C $kernel_source_dir SUBDIRS=$build_dir modules`. It also doesn't do
a make dep during the kernel prep (though for SuSE, I left the make
CONFIG_MODVERSION=1 dep for 2.5 since I didn't know whether it will be

I also added support for modifying SuSE/UnitedLinux initrds. While this
already exists for RH type things, the mkinitrd stuff seems to vary per
distro. For UL, if REMAKE_INITRD is set in the dkms.conf, during the `add`
it modifies /etc/sysconfig/kernel and puts a reference in INITRD_MODULES and
during the final remove it removes it from this list. Then, as modules are
installed, it calls the generic mk_initrd command which remakes all the
initrds it seems to know about. While this might return exit status 9 if
some kernels don't have this module, this process seems the best and
simplest way to go about automating the initrd process for UL. Comments
always welcome (btw, we have a shiny new dkms-devel@lists.us.dell.com
mailing list for anyone interested).

Gary Lerhaupt
Linux Development
Dell Computer Corporation

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