2.4.21-rmap15j: sometimes processes stuck in state D, WCHAN 'down'

From: Brian Ristuccia (bristucc@sw.starentnetworks.com)
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 07:48:13 EST

We've been seeing processes which occasionally get stuck in state D, WCHAN
'down'. If I go look in /proc/pid/fd, or proc/pid/cwd/, usually I can find
one of the open files or directory which will I can hang a new process by
attempting to access. The affected files/directories have been on a local
ext3 filesystem. The stuck processes are unkillable, even with signal 9.

If I attempt to attach to one of the hung processes with strace, there is no
output from strace, and the strace process becomes hung and unkillable as

Is anyone else seeing this problem with stock 2.4.21 or 2.4.21-rmap15j?

Brian Ristuccia
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