Re: dmesg problem in 2.5.73

From: Martin Schlemmer (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 05:40:04 EST

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 10:52, John Covici wrote:
> Hi. I have a weird problem -- maybe its iptables, but I am using the
> log target and they print at legvel 4, but I only want level 3 or
> less to print on the console, so I did 'dmesg -n 3' but I am still
> getting the iptables messages.
> I thought I could do this all with syslog.conf, but that has never
> worked.

Changing DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL (?) has been broken since
2.5.70 or 2.5.71. I checked kernel/printk.c, etc, but could
not see anything that was causing this.


Martin Schlemmer

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