Re: highpoint driver problem, 2.4.21-ac4

From: Wil Reichert (
Date: Wed Jul 02 2003 - 15:36:02 EST

> > The on-board Highpoint controller (HPT372A) on my DFI NF2 is having
> > issue. Loading the hptraid module results in a 'No such device'
> > message while the hpt366 module segfaults and leaves an oops in my
> > logs. These errors occur regardless of the disk/raid configuration
> > in the hpt BIOS. Following are the oops trace, an lsmod, the
> > .config and a lspci -vvv.
> The crash occurs in the hpt366 module. Loading hptraid will not work
> because it depends on the kernel to claim the disks of the raid volume
> (that is what hpt366 would do). I will add autoloading of the
> ide-controller module in the next raid-driver release. However, I do not
> know why the kernel oopses. You might want to try to build the hpt366
> code into the kernel instead of a module. If it works it would probably
> mean that "ide_hwif_t *hwif" was not properly initalized.
I initially had all the hpt modules built into the kernel, but that would also produce an oops and die immediately after ID'ing the two drives I have on attached. Would any more information be of use to you?

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