Patch to cyberfb.c to drive Aurora 64 V+

From: Brent Baccala (
Date: Wed Jul 02 2003 - 14:57:15 EST

Hi -

I'm attaching a patch to 2.4.20's drivers/video/cyberfb.c to drive the
S3 Aurora 64 V+ chip

cyberfb.c is a fairly generic S3 driver, so half of this patch is
byte-ordering and probing on the PCI bus as well as the Zorro bus.

Unfortunately, the machine I was developing this on died, and the
patch really isn't finished yet. It works, but it has some problems
(if you try to start a 16-color X server, you'll see; 256-color works
fine, though, full color had some kind of problem, I recall). It
also has some "#if 0"s that really should be better conditionals.

But, the machine is dead, and barring a resurrection, I won't be
doing any more work on this code. It's a good starting point for
anyone try to get an S3 Aurora V+ running with the kernel framebuffer
code, and, I dare say, anyone with another kind of S3 or S3-compatible
card should find it a good start.

Sorry about the half-finished code, but "release early, release often",
so maybe somebody else can get some good from it.


-bwb Brent Baccala

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