about send task

From: Breno (brenosp@brasilsec.com.br)
Date: Wed Jul 02 2003 - 12:03:38 EST

Hi people , i am thinking about process migration.
And the idea to transfer a simples task is:

Thread1 in NODE A <-------TCP CONN-----------> Thread2 in NODE B

- select task by
    -verify the availability of these virtual addresses.

if it busy , free the memory of these virtual addresses.
- get structs mm , vma , task , zone , page
  and copy all buffers existing in the

         -alloc all the buffer of task.

- send all buffers to
        -re-build structs (alloc_task_struct,page_zone,pte_page...)


-send all virtual addresses to thread2

Please , i´d like some comments/ideas about this.


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