Re: [PATCH] BadRAM for 2.5.73-mm2

From: Etienne Lorrain (
Date: Wed Jul 02 2003 - 03:56:30 EST

  Nowdays the biggest problem seems to be slightly incompatible timings
 in between motherboard and physical RAM that hurts the most, not so
 much non-working bits in RAM devices.
 Is there someone who has a patch so that, in case of a kernel OOPS
 (or maybe SIGSEGV / SIGILL outside kernel) is checking at least
 the code page where IP register points to check if a bit has flipped?
 Could be done by checking the page on the Hard Disk or by a CRC method.
 Having a bad BIOS parameter so that _one_ bit changes randomly every
 hours is not an easy thing to detect - a message on the screen would
 be nice...


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