Re: [Fwd: Bug in Kernel 2.4.20-8]

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Tue Jul 01 2003 - 13:54:08 EST

On Maw, 2003-07-01 at 08:35, Cornelius K├Âlbel wrote:
> I am using Kernel 2.4.20. I admit, it is the kernel of RedHat 9.
> I hope this is not, because RedHat did so much changes to the Kernel

Always hard to tell. It is worth filing Red Hat kernel bugs in and picking up current errata
kernels if there are newer ones

> I was just typing a mail, when the caps lock light and the scroll lock light went on.
> Nothing happend anymore. No mouse, no keyboard.
> I resetted the computer.

This is a panic - the machine got itself into a state that could not
continue. The flashing lights are giving data in morse (useful for those
truely desperate debugging situations only 8))

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