Re: negative tcp_tw_count and other TIME_WAIT weirdness?

From: Nivedita Singhvi (
Date: Tue Jul 01 2003 - 12:15:28 EST

John Salmon wrote:

> Another question - is there any chance that this bug could be
> responsible for a slowdown in network processing. Some of my machines
> get themselves into a state in which their ability to serve
> network traffic (they're running squid) is significantly reduced -
> perhaps by a factor of two. I wish I had more specific data, but at
> this point it's a mystery. What I'm really wondering is whether
> there's any chance at all that this kernel bug could be behind my
> performance problem, or should I look elsewhere.
> TIA,
> John Salmon

John, thanks for the earlier info you gave me, but
could you also give us your netstat -s output? For
example, are you seeing a lot of tcp memory pressure?
aborts? failures?


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