Re: [PATCH] network hotplug via class_device/kobject

From: Krzysztof Halasa (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 14:32:38 EST

"David S. Miller" <> writes:

> Paranoid about some driver doing something like:
> rtnl_lock(); register_netdevice(); unregister_netdevice();
> rtnl_unlock() BOOM
> These sorts of turds exist at least in two places:
> 1) drivers/net/wan/comx.c
> 2) drivers/net/wan/hdlc_fr.c
> But it is pretty clear that these two drivers have been
> tried by nobody in recent years. They both call into
> {un,}register_netdevice without the RTNL semaphore held.

Not sure about 1), but 2) calls (un)register_netdevice() with rtnl_lock,
from ioctl.

Krzysztof Halasa
Network Administrator
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