2.5.71 go boom

From: Jaakko Niemi (liiwi@lonesom.pp.fi)
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 12:50:49 EST


 I seem to be able to reproduce crash with 2.7.70-bk and .71.
 First, I tried getting dlink dwl-650 wlan card up on my thinkpad
 570e, but orinoco_cs does not seem to want to even look at it.
 (any ideas what's the deal with that, btw?)

 Ok, next I plugged in a edimax ep-4103dl nic, which is 8139c
 based cardbus card. 8139too claims that chip is not responding,
 so I pulled the card and re-inserted. 8139too finds it and
 looks happy. I brought up the interface and tried pinging the
 gw, and nothing goes through, so I pulled the card again and
 reinserted and got the first oops into log. Nothing after that
 except the rest 4 oopses after I ran shutdown.

 log, log ran through ksymoops and config attached, please cc
 me as I'm not on the list.


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