ACPI (20030522) breaks 3c59x in 2.4/2.5

From: Yaroslav Rastrigin (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 12:24:51 EST

Hi everybody.
I've finally decided to try ACPI on my IBM ThinkPad T21 .
Mostly, it works nice and fine (although I'm still wondering what S1 sleep
state _supposed_ to do, now it's acting weird), but one thing is a real
showstoppper for me -
with ACPI enabled, 3c556 mini-PCI NIC in this fine laptop ceases to function
properly. I've tried to manually set IRQ for this card (using BIOS), tried to
build kernel with/without APIC and/or IO-APIC - nothing helps. With acpi=off
everything works OK, as well as when I'm enabling "CPU enumeration only" in
menuconfig. This effect is present in 2.4.20/2.4.21-rc7/2.4.21/2.5.69/2.5.70,
with 20030522 ACPI patches.
Attached are dmesgs from acpi-enabled and non-acpi boots.
I would be glad to provide additional info.

With all the best, yarick at relex dot ru.

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