Re: 2.5 and module loading

From: Diego Calleja García (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 06:36:30 EST

On 15 Jun 2003 10:07:01 +0200
Felipe Alfaro Solana <> wrote:

> For RedHat users, there's another pitfall in "/etc/rc.sysinit". During
> startup, the script sets up the binary used to dynamically load modules
> stored at "/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe". The initscript looks for
> "/proc/ksyms" (if my memory servers me well), but since it doesn't exist
> in 2.5 kernels, the binary used is "/sbin/true" instead.
> This, eventually, will keep modules from working. RedHat users will have
> to patch the "/etc/rc.sysinit" script to set "/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe"
> to "/sbin/modprobe", even when "/proc/ksyms" doesn't exist.
> I can't attach a patch. All my RH9 boxes are manually patched and can't
> get access to the original "/etc/rc.sysinit" script :-(

Dave, i think it'd be good to have this in your post-halloween document?

Your spanish translator :)
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