From: Con Kolivas (kernel@kolivas.org)
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 00:28:30 EST

First formal release of ck patchset available for 2.4.21.


O(1) with batch scheduler
Low Latency
CK VM hacks
Read Latency2
Variable Hz
Scheduler Tunables
Desktop Tweaks to the above

extras available but not included in patchset for size and simplicity:
Supermount v1.2.7
XFS filesystem
Nvidia Nforce2 update
Swap Prefetching
CPU freq

Optional VMs:
Latest AA VM addons

Still broken but available by request.
Software Suspend
2.5 Interactivity changes

Changes since 2.4.20-ck7:
Resync with 2.4.21
I've modified the batch scheduler code to automatically make any userspace
task that starts priority >18 as BATCH. More people will benefit from the
batch scheduling feature without having to use the schedtools.
The autoregulation changes to the default VM (affectionately known as CKVM
even though it's only minor hacks to the 2.4 VM) has been reworked. It tries
hard to avoid swapping out application pages unless your ram is full of
applications and will cache data very aggressively when there is ram
Read Latency 2 has been reintroduced after a short absence when the elevator
fixes were found, as RL2 seems to help in other areas. The desktop tuning for
this is a little less aggressive now that the elevator has been tamed.

I left out the rest of the patches to minimise my bandwidth usage and let
people pick and choose as often they only desire one of the following.
Supermount is now the latest v1.2.7.
XFS is a later snapshot. * Please test as I can't test this myself *.
ACPI is snapshot 20030522
Bootsplash has been added and tested.
GRsec 1.9.9h has been ported to -ck by popular demand. It remains untested but
compiles ok.
The AA VM addons were updated to the latest available. A fix for the
combination of AAVM and XFS is also available.
Rmap was updated to 15j

Another attempt at including software suspend has been unsuccessful. The code
compiles and boots ok but will trash a FS if you try to suspend. This is on
the website just for interest at the moment.

The FAQ has been updated as more Q become FA.
Lots of older stuff has been removed from my website.

Please test this one carefully.
The patches that have been extensively tested so far are the default patch,
supermount, acpi, bootsplash and swap prefetch. The other patches need more
in the field testing.

Feel free to send me comments, queries, suggestions, patches, bug-reports etc,
but _first_ read the FAQ.

Con Kolivas

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