massive file system corruption after loading dhcp,bind,qpopper, and sendmail

From: joe briggs (
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 16:15:23 EST

I have several machines deployed with identical Debian Woody distros and
2.4.19 kernel. I send these boxes out after following a written load & build
procedure and master cdrom built from a gold standard. They all have a
single 40 GB ide for the system/os drive, and a Promise or 3ware 2x ide raid
controller with 2 striped ide drives. I use ReiserFS all around. When a
location needs business continuity services (sendmail, dhcp, bind, and
qpopper), I apt-get'em and then follow up with a "apt-get update" and
"apt-get upgrade". This has worked well over the last year. However, this
last 30 days, I had a couple of machines that I upgraded with this procedure,
and within hours I started getting massive reiserfs errors on the system
drive and if rebooted, won't come all the way up - getting stuck trying to
load some module. If I boot off of my recovery CDROM and "reiserfsck
--fix-fixable /dev/hda2" (hda2 is where I am mounted) I get tons of errors.

On a hunch I followed the procedure to build a fresh system, but downloaded
2.4.21 and built it with the same .config file as my 2.4.19, and installed
this before getting the downloads (dhcp, bind, ...). Problem dissappeared!

Is is possible that one or more of those .deb files where built within the
last 30 days or so, and has some very bad problem?

Joe Briggs
Briggs Media Systems
105 Burnsen Ave.
Manchester NH 01304 USA
TEL/FAX 603-232-3115 MOBILE 603-493-2386
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