SH Port - Makefile

From: Sam Ravnborg (
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 14:30:55 EST

Hi Lethal.

Browsing the changes for SH - which mostly look really good - a few
questions popped up:

>From arch/sh/Makefile:
# We don't necessarily agree with the top-level Makefile with regards to what
# does and does not qualify as a noconfig_targets rule. In this case, we're
# still dependant on .config settings in order for core-y (machdir-y in
# particular) to resolve the proper directory. So we just manually include it
# if it hasn't been already..
ifndef include_config
-include .config

Could you elaborate a bit more about this.
I cannot see why core-y is really needed for any noconfig_targets.
Note that "make clean" do not need to descend in all directories to
delete .o files, a find is used for that.

Will it be possible for SH to implement the scheme used for i386 instead.
We have one symlink today, and I like to keep it down on that level.

Something not yet merged?

No need to define a variable and then only use it once.

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