Re: kernel spinlocks; when to use; when appropriate?

From: Lars Unin (
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 11:41:44 EST

 I wrote a while ago (thanks to you guys on LKML I almost
understand now):

> > When is is appropriate to use spinlocks in the kernel,
 Then Mark hahn wrote:

> jeez. it's verging on rude to ask this sort of question,
> when you have the vast expanses of kernel code right there
> in front of you, chocked full of spinlocks. the mere fact
> that the list has tens of thousands of readers should make
> you try to help yourself first.
 Well <sirens heard> its verging on rude to send me an email thats
rude <people heard in background> and has this theme:

 You are a two year old, to learn what the words "quarks" mean you
should read Quantum Thoeries by Lazzengberg, then use a particle
accelerator to Quantify and factualise it, OR

 Like asking a 6 year old where babies come from... Lets face
it, how many 6 year olds can work out the full process without
a book expalining it, or someone telling them...

 Its verging on rude also to assume even though <Voices heard
"PUT THE GUN DOWN, NOBODY HAS TO DIE"> <Hahns palms held outstretched>
nobody wants to read my question, that I would want to read such
an answer, so tell me <"NOW BRAVO TEAM, GO GO,"> why the rant by you?


 Chill. ;-)

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