RE: ptrace/kmod local root exploit STILL unresolved in 2.4.21! - MY MISTAKE

From: Riley Williams (Riley@Williams.Name)
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 03:03:30 EST

Hi all.

>>> I've upgraded my Linux box to 2.4.21 because of the security
>>> reasons. Now I found out that old local exploit for ptrace
>>> is still working under 2.4.21. Wasn't it fixed in RC1?

>> I've tested this exploit in wrong way. I've first logged in as
>> root, then I made "su nobody" and then exploit worked.

> Maybe "nobody" isn't a "real" user in your case. If there is some
> problem with it, you may end up with uid 0 after "su nobody".
> check the output of the command "id" after the executing the su
> command, just to be safe in any case!
> If su really worked correctly, the exploit may not even work if
> you su (successfully) su'ed from root.

Probably more to the point, the command `su nobody` does NOT log you
in as user nobody. You need the command `su -l nobody` to do that.
Check the manpage for su to verify that without the -l option, you
are still logged in as user root although you are running with the
effective user nobody.

My understanding is that the permissions checks can succeed when
EITHER your login or effective user would succeed in most cases,
but in some cases, it's when your login user succeeds irrespective
of whether your effective user would succeed or not.

Best wishes from Riley.

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