Re: [PATCH] Synaptics TouchPad driver for 2.5.70

From: Peter Berg Larsen (
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 17:55:32 EST

On Sat, 14 Jun 2003, Vojtech Pavlik wrote:

> > What do we call these things? ABS_FINGER_WIDTH and ABS_NR_FINGERS
> > maybe?

> Could work. Or as James Simmons suggested ABS_AREA.

ABS_NR_FINGERS and ABS_AREA ? I find ABS_FINGER_WIDTH to more telling.

The important part is that the driver must know when there is added or
removed a finger as touchpads sends the avarage positions of the fingers.
Adding or removing a finger moves the mouse if the driver does nothing.

There are other questions, if the API is to be used by a general user
touchpad driver. Is there a way to communicate the resolution of the x,y
and z coordinates to the user driver? (not only min/max). How do I tell
that the y coordinate is reversed (gliderpointer) ?


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