2.4.21-uv2 patch released

From: James Bourne (jbourne@hardrock.org)
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 17:05:39 EST

Hi all,

I've placed a new version of the updates patch (2.4.21-uv2) patch on
http://www.hardrock.org/kernel/current-updates/ .

This includes the nfs silly rename patch and the AIC7xxx patch from Justin
Gibbs which has a fix for a aic7899 hang problem.

Please send bug reports to jbourne@hardrock.org.

James Bourne

James Bourne                  | Email:            jbourne@hardrock.org          
Unix Systems Administrator    | WWW:           http://www.hardrock.org
Custom Unix Programming       | Linux:  The choice of a GNU generation
 "All you need's an occasional kick in the philosophy." Frank Herbert  

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