Re: linux-activist archives

From: Jonathan Corbet (
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 15:17:49 EST

> I am the webmaster for, and can tar up the stuff I've created
> if you like.

Thanks. linux-activists, I think, predates the era I'm trying to research
now. I'd like to snarf it at some point and put together the ultimate
archive, but that comes later.

For now, I've managed to get the linux-kernel archives for the last 8 years
or so, thanks to responses to my original message - thanks. I've gotten a
little distracted now that SCO has fingered RCU as one of its areas of
concern...I think enough has been dug up now that they won't get much
further with *that* argument. Time for some more general trolling...



Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor,
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