Bugs sitting in the RESOLVED state for more than 28 days

From: Stacy Woods (stacyw@us.ibm.com)
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 13:25:26 EST

These bugs have been sitting in RESOLVED state for more than 28 days,
ie, they have fixes, but aren't back in the mainline tree (when they
should move to CLOSED state). If the fixes are back in mainline
already, could the owner close them out? Otherwise, perhaps we
can get those fixes back in?

Kernel Bug Tracker: http://bugme.osdl.org

  24 File Sys NFS khoa@us.ibm.com
statfs returns incorrect number fo blocks

  85 Drivers Network jgarzik@pobox.com
ham radio stuff still using cli etc

150 Drivers PNP ambx1@neo.rr.com
[PNP][2.5] IDE Detection problems (wrong IRQ and wrong IDE device number)

206 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@infradead.org
broken colors on framebuffer console

345 Drivers SCSI mikenc@us.ibm.com
compile failure in drivers/scsi/inia100.c

367 Platform Alpha rth@twiddle.net
modules fail to resolve illegal Unhandled relocation of type 10 for .text

372 Platform UML jdike@karaya.com
uml doesn't not compile

412 Drivers USB dbrownell@users.sourceforge.net
[EHCI] report of first interrupt transfer is delayed

418 Drivers USB greg@kroah.com
Bad use of GFP_DMA

663 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@lists.osdl.org
"make modules" causes an error in mwavedd.h.

691 Platform x86-64 ak@suse.de
change_pageattr corrupts memory (breaks AGP)

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