Re: 3ware and two drive hardware raid1

From: Mike Dresser (
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 09:20:46 EST

On 13 Jun 2003, Alan Cox wrote:

> On Iau, 2003-06-12 at 16:56, Mike Dresser wrote:
> > If i have a hardware raid1 array of two 120 gig Maxtor DiamondMax 9 drives
> > on a 3ware 7000-2. Failure of one disk should not go all the way up to
> > the OS and cause the OS to report hard errors, and remount the drive as
> > read-only, right?
> Yes, but that won't help you if you lost both drives, which does happen
> now and again - overheating, bad PSU, using two drives from the same
> batch together and so on.
> The trace looks like you may have lost both drives.
> Alan

I'm heading out there today to take a look at the machine and see what
happened. I'm rather dissappointed in the 3ware utility, it alternately
claims both drives are ok(./tw_cli info c1 is different from ./tw_cli
info c1 u0)

I was relying on that too much, and ignored the possiblity of two drive
failure. Looks like both drives would have failed at exactly the same
time, which sounds like a power spike.

I just got a report that another Windows98 workstation is randomly
rebooting after an hour of uptime at the same facility, so I'm suspecting
hardware failure like you did.

I'll see what's up when I get there. Powermax will tell me what's up.

Luckily the damage is contained to the data drive, I will be able to copy
everything over to a new set of drives and not lose anything that's not
trivially replaceable.

Thank you Alan,


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