Re: PCI stuff

From: Albert Cahalan (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 23:23:18 EST

> The new pci_domain_nr() is good for adding the PCI domain
> number to the /sys/devices/pciN/* names, but I think that's
> not the proper representation. It should really be
> /sys/devices/pci-domainN/pciN/*
> So we can pave the way for when we'll stop play bus number
> tricks and actually have overlapping PCI bus numbers between
> domains. (I don't plan to do that immediately because that
> would break userland & /proc/bus/pci backward compatiblity)
> What do you think ?

This should have been obvious to me last week:

N is the thingy number. (domain, segment, hose...)

It's important to get the interface right, even if
that means a bit of short-term trouble. We'll be
stuck with the interface, like it or not, for a
damn long time once 2.6.xx gets established.

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