[OT] joining the "elite" team

From: Alfie John (alfiejohn@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 21:48:35 EST


I write to you in response to an add I saw at seek.com.au, "OBJECT ORIENTED

I find this add highly arrogant and highly contradictive.

You start with "seeking for ...FIRST CLASS HONOURS", however your add is
basically searching for a top class, 313373 computer geek. As history shows,
even hacker's hackers like RMS and Linus had not-so "first class" grades
while in high school AND at uni because they were too busy with selfish
delites such as churning through kernel code.

The next contradictive statement is "She or he must have an INTRINSIC
understanding of computing". But later you provide insight to your company
with "The applications are an amalgam of complex business processes,
maximisation of resources, and require considerable mathematical acumen." In
other words, you need MS Excel shitkickers with knowledge in business
management with contemporary management skills and not elite coders with
sk1llZ. Also, I don't really understand why "indepth knowledge of OOP" is
going to help me with optimizing functions with spreadsheets.

"The company only employs THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST"; followed by "It is very
sophisticated." and the even more arrogant "An average person will be unable
to keep up with the high intellectual horsepower generated by the members of
this elite team.". This tells the reader that you MUST have the worlds best
coders under your organization and yet you are "GROWING AND PROFITABLE".

I must go now with my pittyful programming skills which are no where near
the "EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD" skills that your company is looking for, but I
smile just to know that this email is going to be forwarded to programmers
around the world with a link to your add to show just what an "elite team"
you really are!

int 20h;
Alfie John

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