Re: 2.5.70-bk16: nfs crash

From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 11:47:46 EST

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Dipankar Sarma wrote:
> That should work. However, I do have once concern. At the generic
> list macro level, we don't know if the lockfree traversal is being
> done in forward or backward direction.

Sure we do. We do have backwards list traversal, but it's already not
available for the RCU case (ie we have "list_for_each_entry_rcu()", but we
don't have "list_for_each_entry_reverse_rcu()").

Of course, somebody may be using the non-RCU versions of the list
traversal macros on a RCU list, but that would be a bug anyway.


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