Re: Via KT400 and AGP 8x Support

From: Gregor Essers (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 07:19:58 EST

Hi i will look into that with the bridges, i hope that Hercules is so that
they give me the specīs (Plan of the Card) with the Jupers/Bridges for AGP

The minus on Performace is not great, in my eyes.

Itīs very SAD that Ati and Nvidia will not give the Specs or an Sourcecode
of the Drivers :/.


Gregor Essers

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> On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, John Bradford wrote:
> > > The only other solution is to kick your card down into AGP 2.0 mode,
> > > most BIOSes do not allow you to do in software. Instead what you have
> > > do is cut/unsolder traces on your video card for the pins used for AGP
> > > detection. This is a near-permanent and horrible solution but it does
> > > everything working. :-/
> >
> > Insulating tape on certain pins works on ISA cards, but whether it would
> > practical on the smaller pins of an AGP card, I'm not sure.
> Tried it already... The pins are too small to get adequate purchase for
> the tape -- the friction just causes it to slide around in the slot and
> gets goo around.
> Superglue might be a better solution....
> ...but I think the solder method is better.
> On the Radeon 9700 Pro at least there are a couple jumpers on the
> appropriate pins, bridged by 0-ohm surface mount resistors (i.e. simple
> conductors). What you can do is just unsolder the bridges and it becomes
> an AGP 2.0 card... If you have a very steady hand you can also resolder
> them to get your AGP 3.0 back.
> Still this is not a fun solution as you can potentially cook your card
> (make sure to use a 15 watt iron, nothing higher).
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