Re: [PATCH] New x86_64 time code for 2.5.70

From: Vojtech Pavlik (
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 01:42:25 EST

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 02:28:45PM -0700, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:

> On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 14:32, Mika Penttilä wrote:
> > Line below seems to be wrong, given hpet period is in fsecs.
> I don't believe the HPET code got much testing in 2.4, and my boxes
> don't have ACPI table entries for the HPET, so it's troublesome to test
> it on them.

You can enable HPET_HACK_ENABLE_DANGEROUS, of course. That will enable
the HPET even when the BIOS did not. But make sure you have a recent
AMD-8111 stepping first.

Vojtech Pavlik
SuSE Labs, SuSE CR
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