From: Andrea Arcangeli (andrea@suse.de)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 22:20:21 EST

This version has some experimental change to the blkdev layer (latency
fixes from Chris and Nick too plus the backout of the rc6 latency change
to see if we can fix it w/o generating overscheduling, especially
because it doesn't sound the right fix), so I would recommend some
beating before doing anything critical with it. I would expect it as
worse to deadlock with some task in D state. It worked fine for me so
far but I didn't run big stress yet. In theory it should be better, but
I just wanted to give a warning until it is better tested ;).



Changlog diff between 2.4.21rc4aa1 and 2.4.21rc8aa1:

Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 00_cpufreq-1

        Merged cpufreq (still doesn't allow my laptop to choose a random
        frequency like 100mhz, ideal for reading lots of text, so it's
        pretty useless to me).

Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 00_cs46xx-u32-1

        Use large enough type from Chip Salzenberg.

Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 00_extraversion-23
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 00_extraversion-24
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 00_sched-O1-aa-2.4.19rc3-11.gz
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 00_sched-O1-aa-2.4.19rc3-12.gz
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 20_rcu-poll-7
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 20_rcu-poll-8
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 30_105_seekdir-fix-1
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 70_alloc_inode-2
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 82_x86_64-suse-11
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 82_x86_64-suse-12
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 93_NUMAQ-10
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 93_NUMAQ-9
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 9920_kgdb-7.gz
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9920_kgdb-8.gz
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 9925_kmsgdump-0.4.4-1.gz
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9925_kmsgdump-0.4.4-2.gz
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 9985_blk-atomic-8
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9985_blk-atomic-9
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 9999_sched_yield_scale-1
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9999_sched_yield_scale-2


Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 9910_shm-largepage-12.gz
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9910_shm-largepage-13.gz

        Allow up to 128G on 64bit archs per file using vmalloc and 64G on 32bit
        archs using kmalloc(128K).

Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 00_floppy-smp-race-and-queuesize-1

        Fix longstanding smp race in the floppy from Jens. Otherwise
        it can skip processing of queued requests.

Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 00_ppp-ioctl-memleak-1

        Fix memleak in a ppp ioctl (in error conditions).

Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.19-50-1.gz
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 50_uml-patch-2.4.20-5-1.gz

        Update to latest UML version.

Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 51_uml-aa-12
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 51_uml-aa-13
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 51_uml-o1-4
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 51_uml-o1-5
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 56_uml-pte-highmem-6
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 56_uml-pte-highmem-7
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 57_uml-kernel-thread-1
Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 59_uml-compat-2.5-3

        Fixed pte handling so that uml actually works too ;)

Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 9980_fix-pausing-2
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9980_fix-pausing-5

        Fixed smp race condition in submit_bh (though nearly impossible to
        trigger) and put some BUG_ON to verify nobody calls writepage w/o a
        reference on the page (SetPageUptodate needs it too). Also converted
        the logic to what Andrew suggested long ago, that is to unplug the
        queue rather than to wakeup the waiter, to avoid the race. This has
        the benefit of not generating the wakeup flood in __get_request_wait
        that would otherwise generate more wakeups than rq.count (and that
        would render the wait_request waiters not exact FIFO anymore). This
        also required to move the hook after the add_request since the unplug
        doesn't happen on the waiter synchronized by the spinlock anymore.

Only in 2.4.21rc4aa1: 9981_elevator-lowlatency-4
Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9981_elevator-lowlatency-5

        Backout the wake-all done in 2.4.21rc6 wait_for_request mainline that
        IMHO hides the real problem and replaced it with a wake_up_nr(rq.count).

        Also merged Chris's (fixed) version of Nick's patch that throttles
        users outside the waitqueue too (as I also suggested indipendently on

Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9999900_ikd-1

        Merged the core part of the IKD patch (all the mcount part). Missing
        is the memleak detector that is painful to maintain as way too
        intrusive and kdb (since kgdb is already available). The kernel tracer
        also must be converted to the new /proc hooks.

Only in 2.4.21rc8aa1: 9999901_O_DIRECT-1

        Merged a patch from Stephen C. Tweedie that allows O_DIRECT writes
        I/O to run in parallel (not serialized anymore by the i_sem).

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