Re: [patch] as-iosched divide by zero fix

From: Robert Love (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 21:01:02 EST

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 18:54, Steven Cole wrote:

> With regards to the last, here is an anti-AOL! for the oops. I ran
> 2.5.70-mm8 for several hours today, doing kernel compiles and running
> dbench 64 on ext3, xfs, and jfs. No oops.
> All while running X (although that now seems moot). Base distro is RH9
> if that could matter. System is UP (PIII), PREEMPT, IDE, i810 chipset.

Right. Most people are not seeing this.

I have a system very similar to yours, interestingly. It is just random
timings I guess.

        Robert Love

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