Re: [PATCH] New x86_64 time code for 2.5.70

From: Bryan O'Sullivan (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 16:36:52 EST

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 14:23, john stultz wrote:

> Hmmm. Thats likely part to blame for the lost-ticks code not working. I
> believe tick_usec is calculated USER_HZ rather then HZ, so you'll be off
> by an order of magnitude. I ran into the exact same problem.

Unlikely. On my systems, the offset values are off by three orders of
magnitude, and are always negative. There's a more basic error
somewhere before that test.

The actual impact of lost jiffies is pretty low, though. I've beaten
vigorously on my systems with the time patch, and they don't lose timer


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