Build problems with Linux 2.5

From: Jay Denebeim (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 15:26:33 EST

(.70, but I doubt that makes a difference)

Hi guys,

  I've been way out of kernel compiling for a long time, however I just
took a job writing device drivers on Linux so I guess I'll be doing quite
a bit of it again. I've not built a kernel other than an occasional 'make
rpm' on redhat since the 2.0 days, so be gentle with me.

  The problem I'm having is with the kernel. My environment is a standard
Redhat 9 installation:


  The problem I'm having seems to be related to modutils. When I make
very many modules I can't install the system because depmod can't find
symbols undery 2.4. However using nm I can see that those symbols are
indeed defined. If I make a bare bones system and only have the two or
three modules I need (I'm working with SCSI device drivers and need to
unload/reload the modules) the depmod passes, but the modprobe fails with
QM_MODULES: function unimplemented.

  So, I went grepping through the source code and QM_MODULES exists in
linux/module.h in 2.4, but not in 2.5. Since modutils depends on that
functionality heavily modutils must have been re-written. However the
latest version I can find on is 2.4.25 and it still uses
QM_MODULES. So, where is it?

  Are there other things I'm going to need for 2.5? I've already figured
out LVM is totally different, and that breaks mkinitrd if I've got root on
a logical volume. Anything else?

  Thanks in advance for your time.


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