Re: buffer layer error at fs/buffer.c:127

From: Oleg Drokin (
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 09:53:25 EST


On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 03:12:31PM +0200, wrote:

> I found this message in dmesg:
> buffer layer error at fs/buffer.c:127
> Pass this trace through ksymoops for reporting
> Call Trace: [<c013f145>] [<c0114898>] [<c0114898>] [<c018e69a>] [<c018e730>] [<c018e91d>] [<c018c527>] [<c018c98c>] [<c017bc8e>] [<c0192800>] [<c017ce2d>] [<c02631bc>] [<c013ee28>] [<c013d80c>] [<c013d888>] [<c0108d53>]

This incorrect debugging check is already fixed in more recent kernels.

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