[PATCHSET 0/2][2.5]Unisys ES7000 platform subarch

From: Protasevich, Natalie (Natalie.Protasevich@unisys.com)
Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 08:41:18 EST

The patch set adds support for the Unisys ES7000 series architecture.
It covers different ES7000 platform variations with their corresponding APIC
architectures, such as Fosters-Gallatins based (XAPIC) ES7000s as well as
older Cascades based (logical cluster) ES7000 machines.
The patch was discussed among platform developers on LK and later resided in
the Alan's tree for 4-5 weeks for testing. Alan indicated that there are
"Zero complaints of any kind, zero problems from the changed code". He
recommended submit the patch. The code was tested by IBM as well as others
and did not have any impact on existing subarchs and on standard systems.

The patch is divided into two parts: first covers generic changes to the
main source; and the second one is only for ES7000 specific code.
Please include these changes into your source tree at your earliest


--Natalie Protasevich

(I am attaching the entire patch in case if I messed up while surgically
separating the two parts, or if someone would like to see the whole piece.)


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