Re: [2.5 patch] let COMX depend on PROC_FS

From: Pásztor Szilárd (
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 06:55:22 EST

Christoph Hellwig:
> > The proc_get_inode link problem only affects the modular build of
> > comx.c .
> But it's still broken :) This just shows no one actually tested
> it with actual hardware.

I'm the current "maintainter" of the comx drivers (seriously lacked time up
to now), so it's me to flame if you have some spare fuel. And forgive me for
having forgot to update the maintainer line in comx.c (comx-* are fine). :)

The drivers are used by some hundreds of cards today but we tell users to
get the small kernelpatch from and the patch, among other things,
exports proc_get_inode. There was a process to integrate the patch into the
mainstream kernel last year but, due to lack of time on my part, it was
suspended. I hope to be able to pick the line up again and clean things up.

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