RE: 2.4.22 timeline was RE: 2.4.21-rc7 ACPI broken

From: Grover, Andrew (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 18:27:34 EST

> From: Marcelo Tosatti []
> The main reason I didnt want to merge it was due to its size.
> Its just too
> big.

Maybe it's just because I am so familiar with it, but while its size is
big, I don't view it as terribly big conceptually. The patch is big
because diff doesn't handle file renames well. Plus, the great majority
of changes are in drivers/acpi. I would think you could basically ignore
all that code, and focus your review on the other bits. I'd be happy to
split that out into a much smaller, easier-to-review patch if that would

> 2.4.22 will be a fast enough release to not piss you off on
> this, trust
> me.

I'm looking forward to its swift arrival.

Regards -- Andy
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