Re: cachefs on linux

From: Leonardo H. Machado (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 14:26:01 EST

         Dear Sirs,

         I'm using linux and solaris for a while and, after seaching all
 the web, newsgroups, and mailing lists I could not find the answer for a
 very simple question. Before emailing Alan Cox or any other guru (that
 might not answer me) I will try to ask you. Here is my simple question:

         Why has Solaris a CacheFS file system, while linux doesn't? Is it
 because cachefs is VERY difficult to implement (It should be no barrier
 for our gurus), or because there's no such a big demand for this marvelous
 FS, or else, because no one thought of it?

         There are certanly some cacheFS implementations around the web,
 like CODA, but they are not free and not even so good as Solaris CacheFS.

         Would you please help me with this question or at least tell me
 where are the answers?

 Thank you very much.

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 while(*i){j+=strchr(t,*i++)-t;j%=sizeof t-1;putchar(t[j]);}}

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