Re: [RFC] New system device API

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 13:42:33 EST


> > System devices may be special, but they should not be so special not
> > to require u32 level. All current system devices need to be
> > suspended last, but that's pure coincidence, I believe.
> Fine. Then show me a device that needs a two-stage suspend. I'm not going
> to add an extra method and semantics for something that isn't going to
> currently be used by anyone.


You are currently adding more methods and semantics just to make
system devices separate from "normal" ones. If you keep two-stage
(actually three-stage suspend), you'll have system devices similar to
normal ones, and will have less special cases to care about.

And keyboard controller with its devices needs to be suspended
early/resumed late because both operations are likely to need


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