Re: Completely disable AT/PS2 keyboard support in 2.4?

From: Lionel Bouton (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 10:01:32 EST

Jurgen Kramer wrote:

>My arrow keys are working just fine. The "can't emulate rawmode for
>keycode" messages seem to appear without a key being pressed. The
>keyboard or the keyboard receiver (it's a wireless keyboard) is probably
>just sending out keycodes at will...

On my config (Logitech wireless mouse and kb with USB receiver) :
- 272 keycode happens on each left click,
- 273 or 276 on each right click (actual button pressed dependant there
are 2 buttons recognised as the right one on my Optical Trackman),
- 275 on each middle click,
- 274 on each wheel click...

Hope it helps.


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