2.5.70-bk1[23]: load_module crashes when aborting module load

From: Adam J. Richter (adam@yggdrasil.com)
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 05:14:49 EST

Hi Rusty,

        I thought I should report this problem to you now, as I'm
about to have to explore some code that I'm not too familiar with
(vfree) as I continue debugging it. Also note I am running a
modified kernel/module.c, so it is remotely possible that this problem
is self-inflicted, but I don't think so.

        In 2.5.70-bk1[23], I get a kernel bad memory reference
when trying load a module with an undefined symbol that is not found.
The bad memory reference occurs in load_module after the call
to module_free(mod,mod->module_core), the next time that "mod" is
dereferenced. Here is a commented excerpt from load_module
in kernel/module.c:

        module_free(mod, mod->module_init);
        module_free(mod, mod->module_core);
        /* The following "if" statement generates a kernel bad memory
           reference. --Adam */
        if (mod->percpu)

        For whatever reason, module->module_core (ee820000) points to
an address slightly before mod (mod = ee828780, the bad dereference
is to ee8298a4). On x86, module_free() is vfree(). I suspect that
somehow vfree() has gotten confused.

        By the way, there also seems to be a bug in the
2.5.70-bk12/kernel/module.c changes where mod->percpu is left unitialized
if a module has no per-cpu data. I've verified that there really is a
junk non-zero value in mod->percpu in that case. However, fixing that
bug does not eliminate this problem.

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