Re: [PATCH][RFC] Add support for Adaptec 1210SA (was: Re: SiI3112 (Adaptec 1210SA): no devices)

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 18:24:17 EST

> > Its clearly clos in that it works in PIO although DMA is failing
> Given that there appear to be problems with DMA in the plain SiI
> driver, would it be worth my while waiting until those are sorted out
> before continuing?

I'll fold the patch in anyway, maybe set to pio by default

> What would be the next steps in getting this thing working? Should
> I try to obtain the board/chip specifications from Adaptec? Or start
> poking stuff into arbitrary registers? :)

Given it seems its an SI chip I suspect SI are the right people here
if we need to bug someone. I would be very suprised if this is anything
but an SI3112. Its expensive to fab a chip so you dont fab special ones
for people. You might print a different logo or change the PCI ID in
the external serial eeprom but no more.
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