Re: Linksys WRT54G and the GPL

From: Jack Aboutboul (
Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 16:23:15 EST

On Sunday, Jun 8, 2003, at 17:08 America/New_York, Davide Libenzi wrote:

> IANAL, but in many coutries the fact that you didn't know is not an
> excuse. When you integrate alien parts in your products you become
> responsible and you have to be sure about all aspects that arise.
        This is 100% true. I wasn't trying to justify their actions at all,
just trying to develop some insight into the situation. If they did in
fact, violate the GPL, they should be forced to pay a penalty and
disclose their source.

> What's so neat in grabbing a bunch GPL protected software and stoking
> it
> inside a ROM, clearly breaking the license ? Maybe they got only half
> part
> of the communism thingy, "What is your is also mine and what is mine is
> just mine."

        Thats pretty funny :-). What I meant was that they must be developing
drivers for these chipsets and we could really use them integrated into
the kernel. We need all the talent we can get!


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