Re: Linksys WRT54G and the GPL

From: greendisease (
Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 15:41:21 EST

Hey All,

        A quick few comments regarding this situation.
        First, we shouldn't rush into anything before we gather some facts.
Linksys may not be the ones developing the software for the WRT54G. In
fact, many of these router "companies" don't do much besides branding
at all. I have spoken to a few friends at netgear and d-link and they
confirmed that all hardware and software that is used in their router
products is manufactured and developed in asia-pacific somewhere. They
just license everything from the manufacturer. Proof of this is that if
you cracked open many different models of vendors' routers you would
see that the hardware is almost always the same board just in a
different case with a different name on it. Someone should look into
this and confirm what Linksys does. It may be nothing more than the
management @ Linksys not knowing what the product runs and what
licensing restrictions apply.
        Second, Linksys is no longer its own entity since it was purchased by
Cisco. We all know that Cisco is very committed to GNU/OSS. If anything
comes to a dead end with Linksys we should be able to find some
engineers at Cisco that can take care of the situation.
        IMHO, it looks like some very crafty developers somewhere in
Asia-Pacific are hacking this hardware and software and doing really
neat things. We should first try to contact these people and explain
to them our philosophy and try and get them to join the kernel
development activities. After all they are already doing some kernel
hacking and maybe based somewhere in a non-democratic country and are
therefore afraid to open source their work for fear of political
repercussion. Please Consider.
        Lets try to help before we harm, we might make a few friends.

Jack Aboutboul

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