Linux-2.4.21-rc7 sound glitching with via82cxxx

From: Mark Rutherford (
Date: Sun Jun 08 2003 - 12:53:15 EST

I ompiled and tested rc7 last night and got some interesting results
with sound..
anything that plays audio whether its an mp3 player, game, ect ect. have
an unusual delay.
it plays bits and pieces of audio usually advancing rapidly thru the
wave or mp3.
each pop will make it skip about 2-4 seconds ahead, kinda like hitting
the fast forward button on a cd player.
this same hardware works with alsa.
hope this is of any help to anyone.
one last question: is there an adsp device planned for this driver?
we could use some more sound devices to use in gaming with teamspeak +

Mark Rutherford

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